I’ve worked in Architecture since 1975. Currently I am licensed as an Architect in New Jersey and New York, licensed as a Landscape Architect in New Jersey, and licensed as a Professional Planner in New Jersey. It’s been a steady adventure as I’ve acquired local, regional and international experience. Each new project brings a surge of excitement and possibility as the practice of Architecture is never static.

Framing client needs with environmental sensitivity is one of the most rewarding challenges for Architects today. Having a background in Landscape Architecture is a true asset to most of our projects. I am as excited to see a Ginkgo leaf or Franklinia flower as I am by a beautiful entry or successful mix of building materials.

I love that no two of our projects are alike. Seeing our firm successfully handle a wide variety of project types is satisfying in a number of ways. It keeps our Architects fresh and conversant with the latest developments in many facets of design. Part of my job is to make sure that all members of our staff love theirs.

Architecture gives you a passion for the workings of your community as a whole…not merely for its physical framework. I served as a Board member for the Montclair YMCA and the Lions Club for over 20 years. Currently I sit on Community Advisory Boards for the Montclair Foundation, Montclair Shared Housing and HomeCORP (an affordable housing advocate).

Sharing the excitement of Architecture with young aspirants in the field is a particular pleasure. Having an Architecture degree from Pratt and Landscape Architecture degree from Rutgers, I was a faculty member at Pratt’s School of Architecture for 12 years, introducing students to Site Design.

Favorite book: Paris Architect by Charles Belfoure
Favorite tree: Amelanchier Canadensis